It's dangerous to go alone. Let Infinity Bookkeepers help guide your business. We'll utilize your past financial data and operations to create a budget and plan to achieve your business goals.



Infinity Bookkeepers focuses on finding and using the latest technologies to create new efficiencies for your business. In addition, we utilize an advanced reporting software to budget, forecast, and provide reports for your business.


  • Budgeting

  • Revenue and Expense Forecasting

  • Marketing Allocation Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Operations Review and Planning



What do I get with these services?

Budgeting - We will prepare an annual revenue and expense budget for your business. We will monitor the activity of the business and provide feedback based on this budget. Each month, we will review the budget vs actual report to see how the business has performed relative to the budget. In addition, we can create project specific budgets to ensure that individual projects achieve the desired profitability of the organization.

Forecasting - Similar to budgeting, we will create projected revenue and expense reports based on prior financial data, or customized scenarios (such as increased number of customers, reduced expenditures for a period, etc.).

Marketing Allocation Analysis - This includes review of existing marketing costs, their effectiveness, and making suggestions

Will you pay bills and create customer invoices for my business?

Yes, but there will be an additional fee for this service. Please contact us, so we can provide you with a customized quote for your business.

Need More Information?

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