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  • Matt Brokofsky

The Benefits to Having A Personal Accountant in Your Corner

When starting a business, or even maintaining the rapid growth of your venture, entrepreneurs can come across a mountain of financial forms to fill and taxes to file. Though many business-owners try to manage their books solo, even the most excel-savvy of us can get a headache from all of the work it can become. Even if you are managing your accounting relatively well, there is a wide variety of benefits that can come from hiring an accountant to look after your company’s financial health.

1. They offer expertise in a crucial function of your business

Most accountants have more than just the standard CPA. Infinity Bookkeepers’ accountant, Matt, is certified as an advisor in both Xero and QuickBooks. This means he is able to assist in the programs you already use and offer expert advice in most financial realms.

2. They free up time for you to do what you do best

Maybe you’re that finance guy that everyone goes to for investment advice, or maybe you’re that lady with the sales expertise. Either way, time is money. Accounting is a service that is easy to outsource and can allow you to focus your time on higher-level tasks.

3. Bookkeepers can often spot discrepancies or opportunities you would otherwise miss

Unless you’re a certified CPA, there are many things you may just overlook. Having a professional to point out areas you can save, as well as places you may need to reallocate resources to or from, is extremely important in business maintenance and growth. You don’t know what you don’t know!

4. Tax season.

Everyone’s favorite time of the year. The worst thing business-owners can do is wait until the last minute to try to figure out all of your tax filings. With an accountant, you don’t have to worry about it, and by the time spring rolls around all of your files will be updated and ready to go.

Most importantly, the right accountant will help your business grow. Above all else, you need to be spending your money in the most effective way. Hiring a trained expert in accounting brings a strong financial voice to the table when decisions need to be made and can provide you with a better snapshot of how your business is doing. Building a strong brand and making profit can often times feel like you are making shots in the dark, but with accurate financial assessments business-owners can make more informed and intelligent decisions.


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